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Good Morning Family, I want you to know that the Victories you have seen in the past will be nothing compared to what God is about to do in your life as you exercise your Faith. Get good at fighting the fight of faith, it’s a lifestyle. You will never outgrow WARFARE, you simply must develop the ability to fight. Battle is the lifestyle of a believer. Goliaths don’t come where you are because they don’t want where you are; Goliaths show up when you enter the territory God has promised you- “Wars in Canaan”. The presence of a giant is proof you have entered the promised land. If you don’t see any giants you ain’t there yet. When you enter the areas where God says you can have, that’s where the giants appear. Your strongest adversary is in the turf God told you, you can have & Your willingness to do battle, intimidates and demoralizes your Adversary because he is counting on you not willing to do battle. Battling for what God said you could have is the greatest time investment of your life. Today, I encourage you to refuse to go back; but STAND firm in the face of your adversity and SEE the Salvation of your God.

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