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You can change your WORLD!!!

Good Morning Family, I want you to know that Faith is a Spiritual Force that the elders of the Bible used to obtain good reports/testimonies. Heb 11:2. Faith is also the Response of the Human Spirit to the Word of God and it comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of God. Through Faith we understand that the Worlds were (framed/fashioned/created/formed/put in order) by the Word of God, so that things (tangible or intangible) which are SEEN were Not made of things which do appear, but the the Creative Power of the Word. Heb 11:3. The Spirit realm controls the physical realm; everything that is physical existed first in the realms of the spirit and can also be reproduced or duplicated b

You will LAUGH again!!

Beloved, there is a Miracle in your Storm. God will cause you to have the last and best laugh. Regardless of the severity and harshness of your storm, stand firm to the end and do not allow the enemy to laugh over you. There might be a lot of obstacles on your way, but they are not powerful enough to hinder you. The plan of God concerning you is that every thing will end well and work out for your own Good. Be assured today, that there is no power or demon that can stop your Morning from Coming, for your God has blessed you and his proclamations over you cannot be reversed by any witch, wizard or force from hell. Know of a Surety that, You will laugh again, You will shout again and all


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