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Our world is changing rapidly, and so are the needs of women. As Christians, we must be relevant to those we want to reach. 

Women of Purpose, a women’s ministry of the Abiding Word Ministries, emphasizes the unlimited opportunities open to women for ministry in churches and their respective communities. Our motto is that “Every woman should be ministered to according to her need, and every born-again woman should be encouraged to find her place of ministry within the body of Christ.”

The Bible clearly shows that some of the most memorable and powerful moments in the days of Jesus, were centered on the interaction of our Savior, the Lord Jesus and women. From the ministry of the woman with the issue of blood [Matthew 9:18-26] we learn how to have pressing faith. From the poor widow giving in the temple [Luke 21:1 – 4] we learn how to give from our hearts. From Mary of Bethany, sitting at the feet of Jesus, anointing His feet with oil from the alabaster box and wiping his feet with her tears [Luke 10:38 – 42], we learn how to serve the Savior, and from the women who went to the tomb of the resurrected savior, we learn how to spread the Good News and Gospel of the risen Savior

[Matthew 28:9-10].

WOP is more than a label, it's a lifestyle. 

Many women today don't have the time or the interest in spending time at "just another meeting." We therefore make sure that we must reach out to women at the point of their needs. We do this by living like Jesus and ministering to the needs of others. As other women see our Christ-controlled life, it makes a difference and gives meaning to their existence. We believe Ministry to women and women ministering should be the lifestyle of Women's Ministries in every church.

WOP: It's more than service, it's servanthood. 


We believe in true servanthood that is motivated by a loving concern for others. No greater example of this servanthood exists than in the life of Jesus Christ. At the Abiding Word Ministries, women can find many channels of opportunity to practice this.

Other activities conducted at the WOMEN OF PURPOSE meetings include:

Bible Study - Topics include Motherhood, Living Beyond Your Limitations, Single Parenting among many other topics. 

Self-Improvement Seminars and Home-Improvement Seminars.

We also organize conventions where we invite speakers from different churches, cities and nations. In these meeting, we share God’s word with each other and learn principles that catapult our lives to a new realm of living.

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