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You can change your WORLD!!!

Good Morning Family, I want you to know that Faith is a Spiritual Force that the elders of the Bible used to obtain good reports/testimonies. Heb 11:2. Faith is also the Response of the Human Spirit to the Word of God and it comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of God. Through Faith we understand that the Worlds were (framed/fashioned/created/formed/put in order) by the Word of God, so that things (tangible or intangible) which are SEEN were Not made of things which do appear, but the the Creative Power of the Word. Heb 11:3. The Spirit realm controls the physical realm; everything that is physical existed first in the realms of the spirit and can also be reproduced or duplicated by accessing it first in that realm and then releasing into the physical realm by the words of our mouth. Today, instead of sitting and wondering what to do about your present circumstances, you can choose to frame/change your own world of finance, health, business etc by Speaking Faith Filled Words and creating your desired expectations using the word of God as your template. God showed us an example at the beginning when he stepped out on nothing over gross darkness and began to release faith filled words, Let there be and for six days he created the master piece of his own expectations and turned gross darkness into light. You too can do the same today, as Paul said ; we having the SAME Spirit of Faith , according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken, We (You) also Believe and therefore SPEAK. 2 Cor 4:13. So beloved go for it because it’s your heritage in Christ And shake off the dust of worry, fear and depression. Arise and take charge of your life, by speaking into your present darkness and watch it disappear before your very eyes. Today, I set my faith in agreement with you and I declare over you, that Your time for CHANGE has come and that SET TIME is NOW in Jesus Name. Receive it and declare it’s my Time for a change and a turnaround. Amen

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