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IBTCDC is  an educational arm of The Abiding Word Ministries International Church with head office in Queens, New York, registered in 2015 under the State

of New York, Department of State, Division of Corporation and is an Affiliate and Subsidiary of ZOE International University, Florida. It was created to meet the growing need among Believers for excellence, accessibility and affordability in Christian education. It is not merely another educational agency. it is a Church Ministry.

IBTCDC  is registered under the laws of the State of New York and is Federally recognized as a not-for-profit educational organization with a mandate to uphold the highest level of religious training excellence.

International Bible Training & Career Development Center's mission is to train students in the word and in challenging practical service through impartation of knowledge,experience and the anointing. IBTCDC brings a balance between academic and practical approach to ministry. Our Mandate is to raise up an army of Holy Spirit anointed men and women who will disciple nations.

IBTCDC is a vibrant resource to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Training workers for the Master’s harvest field and providing assistance to others to achieve their goals for this great work is such a privilege, and we pledge to you our utmost for the high purpose we share. We look forward to your successful Christian education and career development experience and fruitful ministry to the glory of God!


IBTCDC is for all believers, from all affiliations and backgrounds. We live in a time when the need for skilled labor in the local church is becoming greater and greater. Every believer can be fruitful, but they have to be trained, fostered, equipped and encouraged. That’s why everyone need to study the Bible. Whether attending our resident class, online class, studying by correspondence or in any of our affiliate satellite schools, each course will make it easier for the Holy Spirit to mold, discipline and prepare you a great future. 


Our Curriculum is designed to take student beyond “mere information” to equipping where their participation is required. The participation to which students are challenged is that of spiritual reproduction. Our Lord final command was to go, reproduce spiritually and make disciples of all nations. IBTCDC training is for all believers, aspiring leaders and those in leadership who wants to be exposed to the practical “know how” on walking, ministering in the Spirit and fulfilling their God-given assignment.

Our extensive range of programs covers courses in:


Apologetics   |  Biblical Studies   |   Christian Counseling   |   Church Administration

Discipleship Studies  |  Divinity   |   Marriage Counseling   |   Marriage Officiating

Ministry  |  Pastoral Counseling   |   Philosophy   |   Sacred Music   |   Theology


and so many more.

Go to IBTCDC website button linked to IBTCDC website
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